Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sponsors come forward to save Screen on the Green  |

Sponsors come forward to save Screen on the Green
Well, they'd best do something to keep the venue safe. Intown seems to have become quite crime-ridden in the last few months anyway, not to mention the problems at the event last year. If they can't keep it safe, then it doesn't matter who sponsors it, people will stop attending, period.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Barrow County deputy resigns because of Facebook postings  |

I don't get it, the President hosts a rapper that spews hate against our police force and probogates the burning of former President Bush, yet a police officer can't say what he wants on his personal Facebook account? Why the double standard, then again, need I ask? What happened to "free speech"? Oh, I forgot, it's only granted permission if you're a radical left wing nut job.

Monday, September 8, 2008

As of late

Have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks and will be until next week. Just had to make a quick note of importance though. How about that Sarah Palin? Putting a bit of a dent in the black messiah's campaign, isn't she?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A couple from

I have been attending a book club for the last few weeks, discussing Ayn Rand's, "Atlas Shrugged". It's a dynamic book, and supposedly the second most read book next to the bible. Those that follow Rand's philosophy closely are mostly atheists. I tend to confound them because I agree with most of her philosophy while being a Christian. You see, Rand promotes "individual" thinking vs. "collectivism" (the masses or group-think). When it comes to religion though, these followers of Rand don't quite understand how individual thinking can comprehend her philosophy. Needless to say, we have some interesting conversations. Here is an article that pretty much explains why I believe in a God.

Dennis Prager: If There Is No God

This one would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. The gay agenda at its best! People should NOT lose jobs because of a dysfunctional idiot.

Mike S. Adams: Fat Lesbians on Crack So this lesbian goes walking into a counselor?s office to get help with her same-sexed relationship.

Obama and Hillary are both followers of Saul Alinsky (look him up on google).

Obama's Alinsky Hoodwink is Coming Home to Roost - Kyle-Anne Shiver

Monday, August 11, 2008

A new week

The DA in NC is going for the death penalty for Atwater, one of the thugs that shot Eve Carson to death. Lethal injection is too good for this piece of trash. I say hang 'em high, and not the Clint Eastwood style.

How stupid is the public becoming? Atlanta's airport already had signs to warn people of certain types of shoes getting stuck in escalators. Seems there have been many accidents over the last year, as people don't know how to enter and exit the things, nor do mothers watch their childrens' step. Therefore, for the benefit of all (even those of us that know better), we have more signs. These are the same people that walk and text at the same time. If they can't pay attention to what they're doing, then do you honestly think they're going to read the signs?

No need to elaborate on the Edwards fiasco. That was a no-brainer a long time ago.

We lost two good entertainers over the weekend, Iaasac Hayes and Bernie Mac. Hope they're already having a good time in heaven!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Good items from Boortz to start the week

Hopefully, San Francisco will finally get in trouble for breaking the law.
Not only is San Francisco a sanctuary city, it is coming close to violating federal law by knowingly harboring illegal immigrants ... thanks to your tax dollars. Mayor Gavin Newsom's office has granted more than $650,000 to nonprofit agencies to provide young illegal immigrants with "free" services. These nonprofits provide everything from attorneys to housing to "arts and cultural affirmation activities," according to city records.

Just to keep everyone apprised of what the Muslims are up to in this country.
Portland, Oregon is having a battle with Muslim women over their right to use government pools. A group of Somali women asked the Portland Parks and Recreation to accommodate them by giving them an after-hours, women-only swim time at a government pool, which would be staffed only by female lifeguards. We already know why they want this – Islam won't allow women to appear in bathing suits in front of men who aren't members of their immediate family.

Many Boortz Show listeners were outraged by this story ... judging by the emails to Nealz Nuze. A Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Shelbyville, TN will no longer give its workers a paid holiday on Labor Day. Instead, the workers will be given a holiday on Eid al-Fitr. This day marks the end of Ramadan, which is the Muslim holy month of fasting.

ZZ, pay close attention to this one - coming to a bank near you, buddy. I'd think twice before trying to steal, as you so condone.
I just love this one, so I had to lead with it. Predator robs man and women at ATM. Victim was armed. Predator ends up with a bullet in his head. Gotta love it.

For the uninformed.
Here is the Wall Street Journal addressing the question: "What is a windfall profit?" Unfortunately most Americans are more interested in whether or not Lindsey Lohan has gone gay or not.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman says that Barack Obama is not ready to be president. No ___ Sherlock?

Something else for the idiots to ponder.
The unemployment rate for teenagers in July jumped to its highest since 1992 ... any mention of the increase in minimum wage? Of course not.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Topics from the Wall Street Journal

I love this paper. It's the only newspaper I actually spend the time to peruse.

I see where Homeland Security is initiating a program to assist illegals (those that aren't criminals) in leaving the country. Supposedly, there are those that do want to go, but need help in getting their affairs together. It's a great idea if they're really willing to go. I think they've found that with the recent crack-downs and raids in work facilities, it would be a good idea to get the hell out of Dodge before they suffer harsh consequences. Of course, there are the liberal groups that want them to stay even if they would be better off leaving. I'm sure labor unions are in a tizzy over it, as membership has declined so much, they're after illegals to make up the disparity. If labor could induct Martians into the fold, they would do it! Their time has been over for years, and now they're starting to realize it.

As I've previously mentioned, I'm disappointed in Bush for signing the appropriations to assist irresponsible homeowners to get out of their quandries with our tax money. The far left, activist group, ACORN, is thrilled though. They are the largest group that pushes for home ownership for the poor. For the money they obtain, it's also used to solicit non-voters to register, as they're usually on the Dem side of the fence. They've made great strides in getting the poor, along with the ignorant, to register. It's going to get interesting come voting time. First of all, a large number of these people won't go to the polls even if they've registered. Then you'll have the crowd that didn't register properly, end up at the incorrect precinct, etc. There are going to be lots of issues, and you thought there were problems in Florida the last time around. Actually, there weren't. They were just fabricated by Gore and company because they didn't win what they thought was theirs for the taking. I mean, how many recounts does it take to convince a buffoon that they've lost the damn election?

The Gates Foundation is implementing a plan to help the poor in other countries save money. Savings programs in poverty-stricken countries is an interesting idea. See what happens when the government leaves entrepreneurs alone. Even after all the bogus anti-trust crap Bill Gates has been through here and abroad, he and his wife are trying to use their billions to assist others in need. If it weren't for innovative people like him, we wouldn't be as far ahead as we are in this country. While the libs are doing everything they can to squelch the competitive spirit this country was built on, it's good to know there are still those that are willing to give for the common good. People like Obama, on the other hand, would rather play the Marxist role and take it away from the producers to create programs run by the government. We all know how well gub'ment programs run, now don't we?

Here's one that really burns me, and it actually leans to the left. There is a new draft regulation that would have birth control pills and IUDs labeled as abortion measures. Can you believe it? We already have situations where doctors that don't believe in abortion not have to perform them. That's all well and good, but it would allow pharmacists to retaliate and not fill prescriptions for these devices, as well as the "morning after" pill due to their beliefs. If you're going to work for a company, you do what they say or don't work for them. You have that choice, but to try and dictate what women can buy because of your beliefs is completely wrong. The even larger contradiction here is that I don't hear any resistance to selling Viagra. Doesn't Viagra cause pregnancies? If you want to get petty, I can too. Now, who says I can't think for myself where individual issues are concerned?

Speaking of insurance and healthcare, just remember, if Obama becomes President and has his way with a Federal healthcare program, the Congress will run it. With a 12% approval rating, would you feel comfortable with those idiots handling your healthcare?

One final note on another topic altogether. Just read on the site,, where there is a Federal investigation being done on the Eve Carson murder case. The good news about this is, one of the repeat-offender thugs from Durham, could possibly get the death penalty. Since the state of NC is too liberal to put anyone to death, I guess the Feds decided it was time to go for some true justice. I'd love to see him fried. I'd also love to see the other one, too young at the time of the murder to get the death penalty, become someone's jail bitch for years. Nothing less would be appropriate for the hateful, murdering little ass.

Good articles

While viewing the mainstream media sources, here are some good topics for discussion:

People texting at odd places - if they're stupid enough to get run over while texting, so be it. It's most annoying to have someone texting while trying to carry on a conversation with them. Once they start that crap, I walk out.

Mothers' driving habits - most of their bad/dangerous habits can be avoided if they get their s*%# together BEFORE leaving their destination. It's called organization!

Regarding more about that cesspool Beijing - why in the hell did the Olympic Committee select Beijing for the event? Were they not aware of the massive pollution problems to begin with?

I see where the House has voted to regulate tobacco - do they really believe they will stop people from smoking? It will cost tobacco companies more money to implement what the government wants them to do. BTW, this business of advertising to young people is B.S. I grew up in a time when everyone smoked. My father worked for a tobacco company. Advertising was everywhere. Guess what, I've never smoked. My parents taught us of the bad elements of smoking and threatened us within an inch of our lives if they caught us smoking while we were underage. None of the three of us smoked, so why should the government, once again, interfere with the free market and parenting? It's up to the parents to handle this situation, period.

I see Obama and Ludacris are buddies. Seems Obama thinks he's a great talent. Guess he likes the thug's latest lyrics regarding Clinton, Jackson, and Bush. Only now does Obama denounce him, sounds like remnants of denouncing his preacher - only after the public is made aware of the connections. What a farce Obama is.

I see where Brian Nichols wants the media banned from the courtroom. He's concerned about obtaining a fair jury. Well, hell, how many witnesses saw him murder people in the courtroom? Come on, he'll never get a fair jury - too bad we can't save some tax dollars and go ahead with anyone that will sit on the jury and get it over with.